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Patrick Joosten’s Art review by Marta Puig.

Patrick Joosten’s Art review by By Marta Puig Editor Contemporary Art Curator Magazine .

Patrick Joosten’s Art review by Marta Puig

Patrick Joosten stands out as a self-taught virtuoso in the abstract art scene, crafting pieces that are as spontaneous as they are meticulously thought out. His canvases serve as more than mere backdrops; they are vibrant arenas where color, texture, and form unite to orchestrate a complex visual experience. Joosten’s oeuvre is a compelling reminder of abstract art’s ability to stir emotions, prompt introspection, and challenge the viewer’s perspective.

The arresting impact of Joosten’s work is largely due to his bold approach to color. His palette is fearless, embracing stark contrasts and vivid hues that capture the gaze and provoke the psyche. One finds in his pieces a harmony of opposites, where vibrant blues clash with fiery reds, evoking the dynamism and rhythm of a complex melody. His technique characterized by assertive strokes, deliberate scrapes, and layered applications—gives each piece a textured, almost tactile quality that invites closer examination.

In some compositions, Joosten delves into the interplay of structure and chaos, with geometric forms breaking through tumultuous backgrounds. This juxtaposition mirrors the human condition: the search for order amidst the disorder of life. Other works are less about conflict and more about coalescence, where the mingling pigments on the canvas suggest a dance of elements, each stroke contributing to a larger, more profound whole.

Moreover, Joosten’s exploration of the abstract form is not limited to the visual. It extends into the emotional and the cerebral, asking viewers to ponder the unseen and the unspoken. His art acts as a mirror reflecting the inner workings of the mind, inviting a silent dialogue between the piece and its beholder. This abstract narrative is a personal journey, unique to each observer, where the meaning is not handed out but discovered.

Texture plays a significant role in his art, sometimes becoming the central focus. His technique ranges from smooth, flowing applications to thick, impasto layers that add depth and dimension. Each method is employed with intention, contributing to the overall mood of the piece. In some instances, the texture is so pronounced that it seems to pull away from the canvas itself, begging for interaction.

The compositions often possess an organic, almost living quality, as if each canvas is a breathing entity. The fluidity with which colors blend and boundaries blur echoes the natural world’s complexity and beauty. At the same time, there is a clear presence of the artist’s hand, a reminder of the human element in the creation of these abstract landscapes.

Joosten’s work is a vivid exploration of the abstract, a testament to the genre’s enduring allure and potential for expression. It stands as an invitation to the viewer to pause and reflect, to engage with the visual spectacle, and to find personal meaning in the abstract narrative laid out before them. His paintings do not just occupy space on a wall; they create a space of their own—a dimension where the viewer is free to explore the depths of color, form, and emotion.

Joosten’s artistry pushes the boundaries of abstract expression. His canvases are a testament to the potential of self-taught brilliance, unburdened by formal constraints and flourished by an intuitive understanding of the visual language. The absence of figurative anchors in his work does not equate to a lack of narrative. Instead, the story is in the sensory experience, the evocative power of abstract forms, and the resonance of colors that seem to possess their own internal light and shadow.

His work often exhibits an architectural quality, with layers that build upon one another, creating depth and suggesting a foundation that goes beyond the two-dimensional plane. Some compositions, rich with intersecting lines and shapes, bring to mind cityscapes or maps of unseen metropolises, while others, with their softer, diffused edges, resemble natural phenomena like the changing skies at dusk or the gentle ebb and flow of tides. Joosten’s artistic lexicon is diverse, drawing from a well of inspiration that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

Each piece by Joosten invites a multiplicity of interpretations, encouraging the viewer to navigate through their own emotions and memories as they engage with the work. The canvases become a catalyst for introspection—a dialogue instigated by color and form but completed by the individual’s inner narrative. The abstract becomes a means of connectivity, linking the artist’s subconscious creativity with the viewer’s imagination.

Joosten’s paintings are a celebration of the visceral and the unspoken. They are vivid without being verbose, complex without being complicated. In a world saturated with overt messages and explicit imagery, his work offers a reprieve—a space where the mind can wander, unfettered, through the abstract terrains he so skillfully constructs. His paintings are not merely seen; they are felt, challenging the viewer to delve into the depths of their perception, to find coherence in the chaos, and to appreciate the profound simplicity of abstract art.

Patrick Joosten’s abstract creations represent a profound dialogue between the artist and the canvas, one that extends an open invitation to the viewer to join in a silent yet emotionally charged conversation. His work transcends mere visual appeal, serving as a bridge to a more introspective and personal realm of art appreciation.

Joosten’s artistry does not command a singular emotional response but rather kindles a spectrum of personal reactions, reflective of the diversity found within the human experience itself. His paintings, with their bold textures and vivid colors, encourage a pause from the relentless pace of everyday life, offering a moment of contemplation and sensory immersion.

Through the lens of his self-taught expertise, Joosten reminds us that art is not always about the representation of the tangible world. It is also about the exploration of the abstract—the emotions, thoughts, and experiences that do not have physical form but are felt deeply and profoundly. His works are a celebration of the intangible, a visual representation of the myriad feelings and thoughts that reside within us all.

As the art world continues to evolve, Patrick Joosten stands out as an artist whose work will undoubtedly continue to captivate and inspire. His paintings are not the end of a conversation but the beginning of many, each as varied and unique as the viewers who stand before them. Joosten’s abstracts do not just decorate a space; they animate it, infusing it with life, energy, and a piece of the artist’s own spirit. In the realm of abstract expressionism, he has carved out a niche that is entirely his own, marked by an authenticity and a passion that is as evident in his work as it is inspiring to those who experience it.

"L'essence de la couleur et de l'imaginaire - The essence of color and imagination" Patrick Joosten - Abstract painter Born in Paris, France - Power of Creativity Art Prize - August 2021 - Collector's Vision International Art Award - May 2021 - Merit Prize Award Art show International - 2021 - Winner Award " Artist of the Future" Contemporary Art Curator - November 202020 I am predominantly a self-taught artist, and i am not following any particular artistic movement. I paint, draw for the pleasure of creation, hoping to share moments of emotion with those who appreciate modern art. I offer energetic, powerful abstract works, often inspired by nature, with the constant search to bring emotions and pleasure. Influences: Picasso, Klimt, Egon Schiele, Basquiat, Richter, Rothko, Modigliani, kees van Dongen. Certified artist rating By A. Akoun. Artistic representation: Galery Crillon Tokyo "Patrick Joosten's flowing gestures are full of emotional dedication. His artworks convince predominantly with the pathos of their colors. With his acrylic paintings, Joosten takes observers to a new reality, created by his wide brush stroke, and his way of scaping colors across the next to create unique transitions. The traces of his tools bear witness to his process-oriented way of working. The texture of colored spaces is a special focus in his work. The resulting stretches of painting become screens of projection for the observer's thoughts, emotions and dreams. Abstraction seems to have grown a soul. At times, a deep Sky blue starts a conversation with bright red structures, or an immaterial lemon-yemmow run into a figure sporting a gray design." Artiste peintre Français, né à Paris France - Power of Creativity Art Prize - August 2021 - Collector's Vision International Art Award - May 2021 - Merit Prize Award Art show International - 2021 - Winner Award " Artist of the Future" Contemporary Art Curator - November 202020 Je ne suis aucune école ni aucun courant artistique en particulier. Je peins, dessine et réalise des œuvres numériques pour le plaisir de la création en espérant partager des moments d'émotions avec celles et ceux qui apprécient l'art moderne. Je propose des œuvres abstraites énergiques, puissantes, inspirées souvent par la nature, avec la recherche permanente d'apporter émotions et plaisir. Influences: Picasso, Klimt, Egon Schiele, Basquiat, Richter, Rothko, Modigliani Représentation artistique: Galery Crillon Tokyo Cote artiste certifiée par A. Akoun "Les gestes fluides de Patrick Joosten sont pleins de dévouement émotionnel. Ses œuvres convainquent principalement par le pathétique de leurs couleurs. Avec ses peintures à l'acrylique, Joosten emmène les observateurs dans une nouvelle réalité, créée par son large coup de pinceau et sa façon de gratter une couleur sur l'autre pour créer des transitions uniques. Les traces de ses outils témoignent de sa manière de travailler orientée processus. La texture des espaces colorés est une priorité dans son travail. Les étendues de peinture qui en résultent deviennent des écrans de projection pour les pensées, les émotions et les rêves de l’observateur. L'abstraction semble avoir développé une âme. Parfois, un bleu ciel profond entame une conversation avec des structures rouge vif, ou un jaune citron immatériel se heurte à une silhouette arborant un dessin gris." "Die Essenz von Farbe und Vorstellungskraft - Die Essenz von Farbe und Vorstellungskraft" Maler. Geboren in Paris, Frankreich des Geistigen Ich bin keine bestimmte Schule oder künstlerische Bewegung. Ich male, zeichne und produziere digitale Werke zum Vergnügen des Schaffens und hoffe, emotionale Momente mit denen zu teilen, die moderne Kunst schätzen. Ich biete energische, kraftvolle abstrakte Werke, die oft von der Natur inspiriert sind, mit der ständigen Suche nach Emotionen und Vergnügen. Einflüsse: Picasso, Klimt, Egon Schiele, Basquiat, Richter, Rothko, Modigliani Künstlerische Darstellung: Sonia Monti Galerie Paris - Galery Crillon Tokyo Künstlerbewertung zertifiziert von A. Akoun "Patrick Joostens fließende Gesten sind voller emotionaler Hingabe. Seine Arbeiten überzeugen hauptsächlich durch das Pathos ihrer Farben. Mit seinen Acrylbildern entführt Joosten den Betrachter in eine neue Realität, die durch seinen breiten Pinselstrich und seine Art, eine Farbe auf eine andere zu kratzen, entsteht Die Spuren seiner Werkzeuge zeugen von seiner prozessorientierten Arbeitsweise. Die Textur farbiger Räume hat in seiner Arbeit Priorität. Die daraus resultierenden Farbabschnitte werden zu Projektionsflächen für die Gedanken, Gefühle und Träume des Betrachters. Die Abstraktion scheint eine Seele entwickelt zu haben. Manchmal trifft ein tiefes Himmelblau ein Gespräch mit leuchtend roten Strukturen, oder ein immaterielles Zitronengelb kollidiert mit einer Figur mit grauem Design. "