L’essence de la couleur et de l’imaginaire – The essence of color and imagination “

Patrick Joosten – A self-taught Virtuoso of Abstract Artistry.

The Creative Spirit: Tracing the Artistic Journey of Patrick Joosten.

Patrick Joosten is a French abstract painter, renowned for his idiosyncratic artistic style and prodigious creative flair. Born in the cultural hub of Paris, Joosten has forged an independent path in the world of art, driven by his innate curiosity and an unrelenting passion for creative expression.

Largely self-taught, Joosten enjoys the unbridled freedom that his autodidacticism affords him. Without the constraints that come with a formal education in the arts, he is able to venture beyond the boundaries of established artistic conventions, experimenting with diverse styles and techniques. His artworks are an amalgamation of personal exploration and unhindered creativity, which captivate audiences and elicit profound emotional responses.

Art in all its myriad forms has always held a special place in Joosten’s heart, with painting, in particular, holding an unmatched allure for the artist.

He harbors an ardent passion for creating visually arresting artworks that resonate deeply with viewers, evoking a spectrum of emotions and eliciting contemplation and reflection.

The sources of inspiration that fuel Joosten’s creative endeavors are manifold. As an abstract painter, he draws from the sinuous contours and forms of the human body, finding beauty in the natural elegance of physicality. Nature, too, serves as an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration for Joosten, with its resplendent colors and ever-evolving patterns lending themselves to his artistic vision. Moreover, the world of experimental abstract art informs his creative process, further widening the scope of his artistic explorations.

Recent Awards:

– ATIM’S Top 60 Masters – June 2023

– 5° International Prize Leonardo DA VINCI – 2023 April – EFFETO ARTE Foundation

– Collectors Art Prize winner – 2023 April – Contemporary Art Curator

– Donatello Prize – Florence – 2023 January 21st.

– London Prize – The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists – December 2022

– Faces of Peace – International Art Prize – October 2022

– ATIM’S Top 60 Masters – June 2022

– Power of Creativity Art prize – August 2021

– Collector’s Vision International Art Award – May 2021

Influences: Richter, Rothko, Picasso, Klimt, Modigliani, Monet…

Patrick Joosten is a French abstract painter known for his unique artistic style and highly creative approach.

Patrick Joosten’s works are often described as energetic, full of movement, with a strong emphasis on color with bold and dynamic forms. He uses various techniques to create textured and layered compositions.

His works have been exhibited in galleries, and many personal and collective exhibitions across France and Europe. He has won numerous artistic awards for his contribution to the field of abstract art internationally.

Patrick Joosten is a respected figure in the world of abstract art, and his work continues to inspire and captivate audiences in France and around the world.




Parution dans la Catalogue Art Majeur Printemps 2019 …
Mist, original artwork signed P. Joosten, acrylic on canvas, dimensions  80 x 80 x 3 cm. Juin 2019 …
Patrick Joosten, présent à l’ambassade de France de Phnom Penh, 30 Mars 2019 …
Certfication-cote-artiste-Patrick-Joosten-par-J.A.-Akoun …
Accord de représentation par Galaxy Art Paris …