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Constellation, Patrick Joosten’s abstract work Constellation is a captivating visual symphony.

Colors in pastel tones merge with subtle harmony in a bold artistic ballet where a multitude of hues blend dynamically.
The chromatic landscape is hauntingly complex, giving rise to a visual depth that evokes both the profusion of nature and the richness of nature.
This fusion of colors, like an eternal dance, plunges us into a world where complexity becomes poetry, thus revealing the artist’s depth and expressiveness.

  • Constellation is in page 41 of the Artistcloseup – Contemporary Art Magazine #11
  • Circle Foundation for the Arts – July 2023 – Artistic Excellence certificate for his artwork Constellation

Original artwork signed P. Joosten on the front lower right and at the back.
Dimensions 115 x 80 x 4 cm.
Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity

2023 – May 21